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cloud-hostingCloud hosting is simply a way to host your website and store your company’s information virtually instead of at a giant server on site at your company’s location. This gives many businesses the ability to save money and have one secure location to turn to for each piece of their business’ information. Cloud hosting allows for each company to pick and choose the features it needs to use and only pay for those services instead of having to buy into one large package that only offers a few features that would be needed. There are many good points and some bad points to cloud hosting. Here is a breakdown of how cloud hosting can help you.

Features of Cloud Hosting

Many cloud hosting features are consistent across the countless companies that you can turn to for hosting. Those features include consistency of your website’s availability to your customers and visitors, near instant availability of all data when someone within your company needs it, a single location that each member of your company can access for information, no matter where they are working from, and quicker fixes when there is any type of problem because the people who know how to fix the cloud’s servers are at the same location as the server.

Pros of Cloud Hosting

There are a good number of positives when it comes to using cloud hosting. Here is a quick list of the positives to consider when trying to figure out if cloud hosting would benefit your business:

  • Only needing to pay for the features and quantities you use instead of having one blanket payment

  • Consistently reliable information being available to both your company’s employees and your customers

  • The security that even if someone were to break into your company, they could not get to the servers and access your company’s private information

  • The ability to change the amount of server dedicated to your company based on the demand on the server

  • Flexibility to cover the differing needs that your company requires

  • The ability to scale the resources your company has at its fingertips in an instant without delay or risking your customers

Cons of Cloud Hosting

The biggest downside when it comes to cloud hosting is the fact that you have to put the control of your company’s information into the hands of someone else. This other company has the fate of your information in its hands, which is not always something business owners are comfortable with. Another downside is how cloud hosting requires an internet connection. Should your internet go down, your information is not going to be uploaded into your servers.

Pricing of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is often less expensive than traditional servers when all expenses are included, such as floor space, electricity, lighting, etc. Many hosting companies also allow the company buying the service to only pay for the service and features they actually use each month. Compare prices when considering using cloud hosting so that you can find the services that will work best for your company.

Cloud hosting is perfect for many different companies. If you are looking for a secure way to hold your information and keep your customers always in the loop, cloud hosting may be the best option out there. Look at the many features that cloud hosting can offer before deciding if your company would benefit from it or not.







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