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reseller-hostingWhen a consumer or a business wants to be able to buy a hosting plan that will allow them to sell hosting to others, that is when they should look into reseller hosting. It allows the person who owns the account to sell off hosting to other people and control their websites from the backend. There are some features that can greatly benefit companies that choose to buy a hosting plan from a reseller. Here is a breakdown of what consumers can expect.

The Features of Reseller Hosting

When selling hosting, the process works much the same as buying your own domain, getting single hosting for it, and preparing your website for your audience. The only real difference you will notice is that you will pay the person you are buying hosting from instead of paying it directly to the company hosting the plan. You will still have access to your c-panel to make changes to your site as necessary, but you will have the one entity to deal with whenever you have a question or concern. This can be quite comforting to some people in that they do not have to call the big hosting companies and try to explain a problem they do not fully understand.

The Benefits and Problems with Reseller Hosting

Most people would consider the cost savings the biggest benefit when it comes to reseller hosting. It can be quite inexpensive, and it is often bundled with web design, SEO (search engine optimization), and content creation packages. So, if you are paying to have your website created or worked on, you can usually find a package that will include a certain amount of hosting for the price. The biggest problem people find with reseller hosting is their limitations when it comes to adding on more domains. Each domain has to have its own hosting when using this type of plan unless you own the entire package and resell hosting to others. If you are buying from a reseller, you must pay for each domain separately.

The Cost of Reseller Hosting

The cost of hosting from a reseller is often quite inexpensive, but the actual cost will vary depending on the reseller you buy from. The cost will also go up if you are having other services bundled with the cost. For example, if you are buying hosting from a reseller who is also designing a brand new website for you, your cost will include both services. Many companies that design websites offer the first six months to one year of hosting as an included part of the package. Many reseller hosting packages are the same price no matter how many domains the reseller is hosting, so you should speak directly with the reseller if you want to work out a better price.

Reseller hosting is a great way to get the hosting you need at a discount, but it does have some limitations. Look around and see what types of packages you can find and then pick the one that’s going to work best for your needs. Keep in mind the features your website will require, and don’t settle for anything less than full coverage of your individual needs.







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