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dedicated-hostingA dedicated hosting plan allows you to have your website on a server that is dedicated solely to your website and no one else. Dedicated servers are not shared unless you have more than one of your own sites on the same server. They are more expensive than standard hosting plans, but you get a lot more privacy, speed, and room than most shared server options. Here is a breakdown of what types of features a dedicated hosting plan can offer.

The Basics of Dedicated Hosting Packages

When you decide to go with a dedicated hosting package, you are buying into the reliability and security that comes with the package for your website. You can be sure that the mistakes made on another website will not cause your website to go down and be unavailable to your customers. You can also be sure that your website will be able to have the top performance, no matter how many graphics or flash players you have on your website since you are not having to share speed with any other websites on your server.

The Good and Bad on Dedicated Servers

Dedicated hosting provides people with the speed, reliability, and security most large-scale websites in today’s society require. Everything from massive amounts of web traffic to large video or photo uploads can be handled when using a dedicated server, and the savings in time alone can often offset the cost. The biggest problem with dedicated servers is the cost. For smaller websites on a limited budget, the cost can be a bit out of reach until revenue starts flowing in. The other major downside is having to go through and fix your own issues as they arise. When you hire a company to host your website on their servers, if you encounter a problem, they can be relied on to fix it. However, with some dedicated servers, you may be a bit on your own with only a few customer service technicians that can fix issues within your specified server.

The Cost of Dedicated Packages

The overall costs of dedicated hosting packages can be quite cumbersome for new or low ranking websites. They usually start at a couple hundred dollars per month, but can easily go up to a few thousand dollars per month if you need large servers with a lot of space and bandwidth. If you are trying to figure out how large of a dedicated server you would need, your best bet is to call the company you plan to use and talk to them about your specific needs. It is their job to be able to help figure this part of the process out, so bank on their expertise and see what suggestions they have to offer.

If your website started off small and grew beyond its hosting package, then it is time to seriously consider buying a dedicated server. Your loyal customers that made your website what it is deserve only the best. Plus, they then are able to get the best services and products from you without the concerns that standard websites sometimes have.





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